Praise for

Twisted Fate

"This was a great read!! It may be classified as a romance novel, but the story is so great!! It was thrilling all the way through."

"I loved everything about this book, the style is exquisite, the characters are enjoyable and the whole story is full of adventure with a twist at the end."

"Holy freaking moly! It’s not often I find a debut book that I love quite as much as I loved this book! I was completely hooked right from start to finish and I could not put it down!"

"The plot was immersive, creative, and was actually very grounded in the real world, which was a really creative twist on the fantasy genre."

"Aurora and Tristian's story is one I'm always excited for and I can't wait for its sequel. It's funny, honest, and swoon-worthy. I'll ship this romance until I die."

"As soon as I started reading Twisted Fate I knew it was going to be amazing and I was right!!!"

"As a debut novel, I'm blown away by how talented Jessi is at finding her voice. It came clearly throughout the novel and translated so well in the voices within the characters."

"You'll read the first chapter... then the next, the next... suddenly it's 1AM, you finished the book, and you're screaming because you need to discuss it with someone right. that. second. Pick up this book because you won't regret it."