Hey, friends!

We are ten (10) days away from the release of the third instalment of the Twisted series, Twisted Desire!

I am so hyped about this book and excited for you to read it. ARCs have gone out and reviews are soon to come.

It’s almost here!

To celebrate, keep reading for an exclusive look at Twisted Desire

“I know this isn’t about revenge, but damn it, Nik, they took so much from us.” My hands curl into fists in my lap. I want to squeeze my eyes shut and push away the memory of Max because it hurts too fucking much.

His brows inch closer as he places his hands on my knees. “I know,” he agrees, his thumbs tracing slow circles over my leggings, warming the skin underneath. “Remember the endgame.”

Exhaling a harsh breath, I fight the urge to glare at him. I hate that he feels the need to remind me—hate that I need the reminder. “Okay,” I mumble.

“Okay?” he checks, searching my eyes.

I stare back at him. “What else do you want me to say?”

His lips twitch. “That I’m right . . . that I’m awesome . . .” His grin widens. “That you need me by your side.” He shrugs. “Or, you know, all of the above.”

I bark out a laugh. “Right. Keep on wishing.”

He slides his hands up my legs, leans in closer as he grips my hips. “Trust me, Skylar, I do. Every damn day.”

I hold completely still. My pulse is ticking too fast; it needs to slow the fuck down. He can’t keep affecting me this way. I need to find a way to make it stop. Though the heat gathering between my legs—so close to where his hands currently rest—would disagree. A hell of a lot.

“We should go,” he comments in a deep voice. He’s close enough I feel his breath against my face. He must’ve just brushed his teeth because it smells minty, pleasant. Fuck.

“Yeah,” is all I manage to say, and god, I sound like an idiot.

“Can I kiss you before we go?”

I laugh at the request. Hell, we kiss all the time. “You’re asking permission,” I check, “to kiss me?”

He licks his lips, and I watch the movement too closely to feign disinterest. “Yeah.”

My chin drops, and I’m left staring at his chest, which is only a few inches away. “This isn’t some dramatic goodbye thing, is it?”

His hands leave my hips and cup my face. “Not a chance. I plan to kiss you a hell of a lot more during this little adventure we’re about to embark on. I just want one to start us off.”

I can’t help the laugh that filters through my lips. Every time I think I’ve got Nikolai figured out, he does—or says—something to throw me off. “You’re really annoying,” I tell him.

His eyes sparkle, accompanying the smile on his lips. “Yeah, but you like it.”

Yay! Get ready for a lot more of Skylar and Nikolai. They like to get on each other nerves, like, all the time. They were so much fun to write, and I hope you love their story as much as I do!

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